Your living-savings are elastic containers

Yours Owndated Webquatums are elastic containers of your personal bank-financial power.

First, because it are allways containing the same financial charge (10€uros), allways containing your name (ownership creator), but allways containing different amount of time-stock (when have you been able to save your money parcel getting the web date of it creation).

Then, because you get the free choice for using the menu in your Personal Webcashmotor. And you may tagvaporate using or not your free tagvaporator. Using modulation to order control the range of the capital quality use. Making singularity in your capital-beach.

Yes, Owndated Webquantum registered properties, are elastic properties under your personal control.

Because it are your webliving-savings creations. 100% cashkeeping.

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Owndated Webquantum, what is that ?

In the conditions of Economy 4G3W,

the fusion of a saved money parcel with the time-moment of the creation by this fusion, produces one webpowered personalized material,

like a new generation of digital money, where the financial charge is associated with the date of fusion-moment operated by the economic agent.
This personalized money is a datevalors creation (10€uros / 1 OW) it means 1 Owndated Webquantum (Image proposed) .

Each single parcel "owndated webquantum" is living in the web catching production factors, charging added value and sharing cash-production for cash-results. The process enhances a webcashmatic plusvalues generator.
In Economy 4G3W the money datevaluation is a personal practice creating webjuristhings like digital objects "owndated webquantums".

Each owndated webquantum (OW) is a fusion of 10€ with the webdate of the datevalors creation which remains his property. The OW parcel created contains the owner's name + the webdate of the money datevaluation + 10€ of bank money.

Any OW is refered on it datevalors webcashaccount :

and it is the material where it is applied .

This personalized money link for much-more-money in daily 12h00m New York cash results, is an created connection with all 4G3W free production factors and with the general U_S_A cash production anchor which is the Universocial_Sovereign_Fund proposed to be holded at the FED.

GoTo : Universocial Cash Economy

What is what in Economy 4G3W : lexique for 4G3W Economy.
Accessibility Knol for : Owndated Webquantum

Catching time for your savings Putting timestock into personalized savings and creating your Mytime-Personal-Currency (image).